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Finish Carpentry

Our master craftsman team can take on any job. From high end custom timber work to paint grade spec homes, we do it all. Cabinets, doors, windows, baseboard, stairs, handrails, timber work. 

Flat Work Concrete

We take pride in all of our work. Smooth/trowel finish, broom finish, stamped and dyed. Garages, walkways, patios, sidewalks, monolithic slabs, etc.


General Contracting and Remodeling

Recent Home Builds

1306 Glider Lane, Belgrade, MT  - 2018

1308 Glider Lane, Belgrade, MT - 2018

925 New Mexico Drive, Belgrade, MT - 2018

921 New Mexico Drive, Belgrade, MT - 2018

919 New Mexico Drive, Belgrade, MT- 2017

902 New Mexico Drive, Belgrade, MT -2016


Currently under Construction on:

1310 Glider Lane, Belgrade, MT - 2019

191 Dana Lane, Belgrade, MT - 2019

Click here to take a 3D Tour of our most recent triplex: 1308 Glider, Belgrade, MT


From simple excavation projects to large custom homes we can help with your excavation needs. Experience with:

Foundation excavation


Sub-grade improvements

We have a wide range of  building experience from Million Dollar Custom Homes, Simple Single Family Homes, to Multi Family building. 

Current Build updates

191 Dana Lane is a massive 7500 sq ft custom home plus a shop with an ADU.


Excavation required sub-grade improvements. This was handled completely by our own crew.

We added a water interceptor trench around the foundation and added a funnel trench to help prevent ground water from getting into the basement. 

Building in the middle of winter has its challenges, we have been running ground heaters to prevent the ground from freezing for our foundation and flat work.

The 3024 sq ft basement slab poured by our own crew went off without a hitch. The team covered the slab by this massive tarp and pumped a heater in there overnight so the slab cured up nicely.